Saturday, September 17, 2011

LA Day with Regina and Mikey

Hey, beautiful!  The time has finally come for the LA post!  That's right.  I finally got off my lazy rump and went to the trouble of uploading all the pictures, sifting through all the photos of Mikey doing obscene things and Regina giving me stink faces, to bring you this gem of a post.

We started at Little Tokyo and though I had my heart set on eating dango, we ended up eating at T.O.T and I got too full to eat anymore.  It was super disappointing, but I walked off my sadness around Little Tokyo by going into kitsch shops and free art galleries.  We ultimately traipsed to LACMA and MOCA, but both were closed, so being the three brokenhearted kids we were, we just went to the LA Philharmonic building and acted stupid.

When we got to the gorgeous mirrored walls of the LA Philharmonic building, we decided, hey!  Why not an impromptu silly photoshoot?

Regina showed off her lovely new dress and flats from Urban Outfitters and her Marc Jacobs purse that day, while I...well, wore whatever I felt like.  So no outfit post for me, really.  HAHA!  I didn't really warrant one.  But I took some photos, too!

That's it for now, hunnay!  Write again soon.

Friday, September 16, 2011

LA Fair

I went to the LA fair tonight!  I ate a bunch of food that was bad for me, spent a lot of money on games for prizes I didn't want, and walked through endless plumes of BBQ smoke.

I went with these losers--Tiffany, Clark, Peter and Cho.  These guys all have a nice picture of them, but nobody wanted to take a picture of me for some reason, so the best picture I have of me is this blurry picture of me riding a T-Rex.

Oh well.  I got some shots of me riding in a sweet blue jalopy and of me driving a monster truck, so I suppose that more than makes up for it.  Cho and Peter spent two dollars to go take a peek at "possibly" the smallest horse in the world and the largest horse of the world--both of which, were hidden behind tarps and screens.  Cho took a picture of Peter standing next to the largest horse, but unfortunately it was of the wrong end of the horse--if you get my drift.  Peter said, "Its butthole was directly at my eye-level."

But alas, it got dark.  And after looking at all the robotic dinosaurs, playing all the overpriced games, eating the mushy fried oreos and winning our ugly knockoff prizes (my pikachu looks seriously deformed up close), it got late, the carnival began to close, and we went home.  

Sooner or later I'm going to post fashion/beauty posts, but for now, it's pure diary shots cause let's face it, the day I become fashionable/beauty-oriented is the day that I get straight A's and I stop being lazy...which is never (just kidding, i'll try...eventually).

Will post my LA day with Mikey and Regina soon! 

Friday, September 9, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

Before I post Regina-and-Torie's-Day-Of-Fun (say that in Janice's voice from "F.R.I.E.N.D.S!"), I wanted to post some photos from my summer!

These are photos from my last day of my summer internship.  My boss took me to lunch at the executive dining room and it was so good!  I got a mixed berry lemonade there, some shishito peppers as an appetizer, and almond crusted chicken on a nectarine salad. It was heaven!  I looked through most of my pictures this summer and almost all of it is of food.  Such is my life..

I hung out with my lovely friends Tiffany and Mindy.  We ate Korean BBQ and Mindy and I gave her cosmetics for her birthday so she can be fabulous hun-nay!  We tried out Benefit's Shadowy Eye palette on her and these were the results!  Oh, hunnaaayyy.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sneak Peek on Regina and Torie's Trip to L.A.!

All of these pictures courtesy of the fabulous Mikey Liu, who will be featured in the next post (when I get off my bum and upload all the pictures I took!).  Next post from me coming soon!  Regina's next post coming possibly never!  Who'd have thought that working girl would be lazier than me?  Haha!

Friday, August 19, 2011

I'm So Boring!

Hey, classy kids out there,

I've come to the inevitable decision that most of my posts on this blog will not be totally fashion oriented.  Why, you ask (but don't really care)?  Because, I'm a terribly unfashionable, gross, little creature that will never ever be fashionable because I'm so cheap, lazy, and gross.  I described myself as "gross" twice in one sentence.  That's how gross I am, I guess.  

Anyway, here's a few pictures from the past two weeks!  Lots of it are narcissistic shots.  MM.  LOVE IT.  But yeah, I took a buttload of pictures of cats from the adoption day at Petsmart.  I'll probably post them later if any of you are interested in pissing yourself from all the adorable-ness.  I know I was.

A lot of people do a whats-in-my-purse shot, but all I have in my purse are old mints from restaurants, receipts, hand sanitizer, and boring stuff, so here's a shot of what's in my planner!  I got it for four dollars on Amazon because I bought it in April. HA!  I usually doodle in it during class.  My little sister drew the two doodles on the top left.  The monkey lady is supposed to be an accurate depiction of me.  My older sister added in the caption about my "meaty nostrils."  It's kind of depressing they think I look like an aging Korean man, though I guess I'd have to agree..
Some sweet narcissistic shots.  I've got the mad myspace angles again.  It's the only way this old Korean man face looks presentable.  Alllll riiiiiight.
A representation of how disgustingly short I am.  I joke with my intern friends that I look like their love child when we're walking around.  They all then get extremely uncomfortable and walk away from me.  Why does no one want me to be their love child?  I am a great love child.
My aunt got me this pretty Tara Tarantino cream shadow in "Black Diamond."  Have not touched it yet.  What a pretty box though!  
Lovely picture of my brother making fun of me.  So sweet!  Even though he'll deny it to the ends of the Earth, I am probably his hero.  Yeah, he expresses this fact whenever he says, "You're gross and not funny."  Aw yeah.  My siblings love me.

I went to a children's arcade with my friends the other day.  Fun story: The game behind us is called "Brave Firefighters."  The fellow to the left of me (my left, not yours.  Obviously!  The derp on my right is a chick) said, "Aw man, Torie, we gotta play this.  You'll be my partner in crime!"  It was quite possibly the worst game ever, but as we were putting out fires he was yelling, "I AM A BRAVE FIREFIGHTER.  YEAH.  MAKIN' A DIFFERENCE."  We look really sweaty in this picture (maybe it's just me), but that's because I was playing that basketball pop-a-shot game.  Wow.  I was getting so good.  But the guy on my left, Clark, kept stealing my basketballs like a little thief.

Yeah, this post makes it seem like I only hang around Asians.  But no, man!  I'm totally diverse.  Havin' friends in all the colors of the rainbow. Anyway, I'll post more later.  I actually went to the street fair with Regina last Friday, but she's been such a lazy tard and hasn't uploaded the pictures yet.

C'est La Vie, I guess.  C'est Regina.  C'est...I cannot speak French.