Friday, September 16, 2011

LA Fair

I went to the LA fair tonight!  I ate a bunch of food that was bad for me, spent a lot of money on games for prizes I didn't want, and walked through endless plumes of BBQ smoke.

I went with these losers--Tiffany, Clark, Peter and Cho.  These guys all have a nice picture of them, but nobody wanted to take a picture of me for some reason, so the best picture I have of me is this blurry picture of me riding a T-Rex.

Oh well.  I got some shots of me riding in a sweet blue jalopy and of me driving a monster truck, so I suppose that more than makes up for it.  Cho and Peter spent two dollars to go take a peek at "possibly" the smallest horse in the world and the largest horse of the world--both of which, were hidden behind tarps and screens.  Cho took a picture of Peter standing next to the largest horse, but unfortunately it was of the wrong end of the horse--if you get my drift.  Peter said, "Its butthole was directly at my eye-level."

But alas, it got dark.  And after looking at all the robotic dinosaurs, playing all the overpriced games, eating the mushy fried oreos and winning our ugly knockoff prizes (my pikachu looks seriously deformed up close), it got late, the carnival began to close, and we went home.  

Sooner or later I'm going to post fashion/beauty posts, but for now, it's pure diary shots cause let's face it, the day I become fashionable/beauty-oriented is the day that I get straight A's and I stop being lazy...which is never (just kidding, i'll try...eventually).

Will post my LA day with Mikey and Regina soon! 


  1. I need to add "Ride a T-Rex" to my bucket list. XD And that Pikachu looks cute from afar, heh! But ugly prices are what fairs are all about, right? :D You didn't ride the Ferris wheel? It looks pretty.

  2. The rides there were like twelve tickets. D: